Sources / Documents

Following is a selection of images representing the sorts of documents
used in the research for DiCarlo: Buffalo's First Family of Crime.

DiCarlo family arrives in New York
Vincenza Grasso DiCarlo and children arrive in New York, 1906.
Giuseppe DiCarlo draft registration
Giuseppe DiCarlo World War I draft registration, 1918.
Giuseppe DiCarlo naturalization certificate
Giuseppe DiCarlo Naturalization certificate, July 7, 1920.
FBI memo from 1924
FBI memo on Joseph DiCarlo's intimidation trial, 1924.
DiCarlo bertillon card
Buffalo Police Department "Bertillon" card for DiCarlo, 1945.
Cleveland Police mugshot
Cleveland Police Department mugshot of Joseph DiCarlo, 1952.
Joseph DiCarlo death certificate
Joseph DiCarlo death certificate, State of New York, Oct. 11 1980.

Newspaper article from 1922
BME, Nov. 26, 1922.
Newspaper article from 1923
BT, Aug. 23, 1923.
Newspaper article from 1923
BT, Sept. 25, 1923.
Newspaper article from 1924
BME, Jan. 20, 1924.
Newspaper article from 1924
BME, Feb. 12, 1924.
Newspaper article from 1936
BEN, Sept. 23, 1936.
Newspaper article from 1939
BCE, Nov. 5, 1939.

Filippo Mazzara naturalization certificate
F. Mazzara naturalization certificate, 1921.
Stefano Magaddino naturalization certificate
S. Magaddino naturalization certificate, 1924.
Angelo Palmeri naturalization certificate
A. Palmeri naturalization certificate, 1925.
Pinnavaia wanted poster
S. Pinnavaia wanted poster, 1923.
Magaddino crime family chart
Magaddino Crime Family chart, 1963.
Sam Pieri arrest record
FBI arrest record for Sam Pieri, 1979.
Pascal Calabrese sketch
Sketch leads to Calabrese arrest.

Following is a partial list of sources for DiCarlo: Buffalo's First Family of Crime.
More than three thousand specific source citations are found in the books' endnotes.


  • Rose Lombardo,
  • Ben LaMonte,
  • Philip G. Mazzara,
  • Joe Giambra,
  • Ronald Fino,
  • Pete Barbera


  • Albany Times-Union,
  • Batavia Daily News,
  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  • Brooklyn Standard Union,
  • Buffalo Commercial Advertiser,
  • Buffalo Courier Express,
  • Buffalo Daily Courier,
  • Buffalo Enquirer,
  • Buffalo Evening News,
  • Buffalo Morning Express,
  • Buffalo News,
  • Buffalo Times,
  • Cleveland Press,
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer,
  • Chicago Tribune,
  • Detroit Free Press,
  • Hamilton Herald,
  • Il Corriere Italiano,
  • Lockport Union Sun and Journal,
  • Miami Daily News,
  • New York Daily News,
  • New York Evening World,
  • New York Herald,
  • New York Post,
  • New York Sun,
  • New York Times,
  • Niagara Gazette,
  • North Tonawanda Evening News,
  • Olean Evening Times,
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
  • Pittsburgh Press,
  • Rochester Democrat and Chronicle,
  • Rochester Times-Union,
  • Syracuse Herald Journal,
  • Toledo Blade,
  • Toronto Daily Star,
  • Troy Times Record,
  • Utica Daily Press,
  • Youngstown Vindicator,
  • LIFE Magazine,
  • TIME Magazine,
  • other periodicals.


  • Joseph J. DiCarlo,
  • Stefano Magaddino,
  • Frederico Randaccio,
  • Salvatore Pieri,
  • Salvatore DiCarlo,
  • Rosario Carlisi,
  • Daniel G. Sansanese,
  • John Cammilleri,
  • Sam Frangiamore,
  • Joseph Fino,
  • Antonino Magaddino,
  • Peter A. Magaddino,
  • Albert Billiteri,
  • William Sciolino,
  • Daniel Domino,
  • Carl J. Rizzo,
  • John R. Catanzaro,
  • Charles Anthony Cassaro,
  • James V. LaDuca,
  • Joseph A. Pieri,
  • Laborers Union Local 210,
  • Frank Sinatra.


  • Buffalo Police Department reports, correspondence, witness statements and arrest records.
  • Cleveland Police Department reports.
  • State of New York v. Pietro Lagatutta, Salvatore Rufino, Giuseppe Rufino and Giuseppe Masseria, 1913.
  • State of New York v. Joseph DiCarlo, 1938.
  • State of New Jersey v. Bartolomeo Fontana, Francesco Puma, Giuseppe Lombardi, 1921-1922.
  • State of New Jersey extradition records, 1844-1968.
  • United States v. Giuseppe Calicchio et al., 1910.
  • United States v. DiCarlo, Capodicaso, Ruffino and Gialelli, 1924.
  • United States v. Spallino et al., 1927.
  • United States v. Samuel DiCarlo, 1932.
  • United States v. Charles Caci, Stephen A. Cino, Pasquale A. Natarelli, Frederico G. Randaccio and Louis Sorgi, 1967.
  • United States v. Thomas J. Carella, Daniel J. Domino, Joseph C. Erhart and Salvatore Pieri, 1967.
  • United States v. Mason Tenders District Council of Greater New York, 1994.
  • United States v. Laborers’ International Union of North America, AFL-CIO, draft complaint, 1995.
  • United States, appellee, v. Russell A. Bufalino, et al, 1960.
  • United States, appellee, v. Vito Agueci, et al, appellants, 1962.
  • United States, appellee, v. Charles Caci, Stephen A. Cino, Pasquale A. Natarelli, Frederico Randaccio and Louis Sorgi; Defendants-Appellants, 1968.
  • Stern v. United States, 1953.
  • Giordano v. United States, 1953.
  • Jin Fuey Moy v. United States, 1920.
  • Bankruptcy docket, Buffalo, NY, 1910.
  • Bankruptcy docket, Buffalo, NY, 1912.
  • Last Will and Testament of Vincenza DiCarlo.
  • Probate court records for the estate of Philip Mazzara.
  • Prisoner information for Joseph DiCarlo.
  • New York State inmate registers for Sing Sing Prison.
  • New Jersey State inmate registers for Trenton.
  • Atlanta Federal Prison files for Giuseppe Morello, Ignazio Lupo and Thomas Pennachio.


  • Naturalization documents for Giuseppe DiCarlo, Gaspare Magaddino and others.
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service files for Joseph DiCarlo, Umberto Randaccio, Cassandro Bonasera.
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service investigation of Panaro's Lounge raid, 1967.
  • Passenger manifests of arrivals in New York City and Niagara Falls, NY.
  • Hearings of the House Subcommittee on Crime, 1996.
  • Hearings before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, "25 Years After Valachi," 1988.
  • New Jersey State Commission of Investigation, Report and Recommendations on Organized Crime Infiltration of Dental Care Plan Organizations, 1981.
  • New York State Commission of Investigation, An Investigation of Certain Organized Crime Activities and Problems of Law Enforcement in Rochester, New York, 1966.
  • McClellan Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearings.
  • Reuter, Arthur L., “Report on the activities and associations of persons identified as present at the residence of Joseph Barbara, Sr., at Apalachin, New York, on November 14, 1957, and the reasons for their presence,” State of New York Executive Department, Office of the Commissioner of Investigation, April 23, 1958.
  • Kefauver Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearings and Committee Reports.
  • Immigration Commission report to U.S. Senate, 1911.
  • U.S. Secret Service daily reports of William J. Flynn, 1909.
  • U.S. Secret Service daily reports of John A. Adams, 1911.


  • Birth, marriage and death records in United States and Italy,
  • Christening and and burial records in United States,
  • Land and business records,
  • Local directory information,
  • Military draft registrations,
  • Passport applications,
  • Pistol permit applications,
  • Public school records,
  • U.S. Census records


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