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Author Michael F. Rizzo
Facebook page for Gangsters and Organized Crime in Buffalo:
History, Hits and Headquarters
by Michael F. Rizzo.
Travel Channel video - Buffalo train station
The Travel Channel's Off Limits program visits an abandoned
Buffalo train station with a visible link
to Buffalo organized crime.
Triangle Exit by Ronald Fino
The first-hand story of one of America's most interesting covert FBI operatives.
A story sure to fascinate anyone interested in international politics,
espionage, arms smuggling and organized crime.
Author Scott M. Deitche
Official website of Scott M. Deitche, author of Rogue Mobster,
The Silent Don, Cigar City Mafia, and The Everything Mafia Book.
Author Patrick Downey
Official website of Patrick Downey, author of Legs Diamond: Gangster,
Gangster City, Bad Seeds in the Big Apple and the Dead Guys in Suits blog.
Informer quarterly journal
The Informer quarterly journal focuses on historical events, personalities and trends
related to crime and law enforcement within the United States. The journal has specialized
in organized crime history, in particular the history of the American Mafia.
Deep Water book by Thomas Hunt and Martha Sheldon
Deep Water by Thomas Hunt and Martha Macheca Sheldon is the award-winning
historical biography of Joseph P. Macheca. In 19th Century New Orleans, Macheca
was a pioneer of commerce, a Confederate privateer and, according to legend,
the godfather of the first Mafia organization to germinate in American soil.
Bill Feather's Mafia Membership Charts
Mafia Membership Charts
Researcher Bill Feather provides member data
for crime families across the U.S.



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